Why do so many people believe in the Paranormal?

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Why do so many people, all from various beliefs and religions, and walks of life believe in the paranormal? I believe in God (the Christian version) although I have never seen Him, I have faith that He is there, watching over his children. It should come as no surprise then that so many believe in ghosts and spirits assuming, of course, that they have a faith system that they adhere to. The same principle would then apply, their Higher Power, although unseen by them, is watching over them. This is called faith. What one believes in often goes hand in hand with their faith, as is the case with the paranormal, I suspect. I have faith that there is a God, and I also believe in ghosts and spirits. I have seen the latter.

The first ghost I saw was an old co-worker of my mother’s. His name was John. John watched over me and my two brothers when we were young. He took us to the circus several times, and we went to the zoo often. He was just generally a good guy. One day, I must have been 15 or 16 years old, I was waiting at a bus stop on one of the busiest streets in Chicago. I saw John across the street, and so I shouted his name over the traffic on Western Ave. He looked around, spotted me, waved, and went on his way. I thought nothing more about it. When I got home my mother was in the kitchen making dinner for the family. I said, ” Hey Ma, guess who I saw.” “Who did you see?” She asked in return, not turning from the stove. “I was over on Western in the Old neighborhood, and I saw Uncle John walking towards Leavitt.” “No, you didn’t,” my mother said as she turned toward me. “I sure did, right on…” She cut me off with a wave of her hand. “You couldn’t have possibly seen him, he died seven years ago.” Was John checking up on me? To this day I don’t know.

The preceding is why I became so enthralled with the paranormal, the unanswered questions of life after death. What happens to us? Do we just fade away into nothing? Do we ascend to our Reward, or slide down to punishment for a life of sin? I think this is why so many people believe in the paranormal, they want to find the answers before they shuffle off the mortal coil. Whichever the case, keep searching Dear Reader, keep searching.

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